03 May 1999

The good, the bad and the ugly

I got a chat log from CmdrCD. It was taken after CmdrCD got first place last day in April. The actors: CmdrCD as "the good", Sugarpuss (alias ACnDC) as the "bad" and Bronco788 as "the ugly". By the way: ACnDC today tried again to fool me by pretending to be VirtualTed sending email.

Comments by MacMark are in yellow ;-) Enjoy the big log:

agentnrkh : im going to play some non tourney game with bases off
agentnrkh : i want to win one
Sugarpuss : u will be 1st Cmdrcd
<CmdrCD> maybe
Sugarpuss : the 1st one dq that is
Sugarpuss : hehehe
<CmdrCD> who knows what tricks beam has left
<CmdrCD> hehe
Sugarpuss : 200 points in 1 day
<CmdrCD> i dont see a reason why i should get dq
Sugarpuss : ure a joke
<CmdrCD> no
<CmdrCD> i made 50 points this day
Sugarpuss : how stupid u think vted is
<CmdrCD> and 150 last night
Sugarpuss : 24 hrs
Sugarpuss : u retard
<CmdrCD> yes 24 hours
<CmdrCD> 200 points..
Sugarpuss : u will be first
<CmdrCD> now you say it.im impressed
Sugarpuss : the first one dq
<CmdrCD> anyways
<CmdrCD> i think noone is interested in your opinion
Sugarpuss : u taken more free wins
<CmdrCD> do us a favour and leave here
Sugarpuss : then the sugarloaf dayes
<CmdrCD> actually i didnt take a single
Sugarpuss : hehehe
Sugarpuss : u know ure gona be dq
<CmdrCD> nope
Sugarpuss : 200 points in 1 day who u kidding
Sugarpuss : were u dig players up too play u
Sugarpuss : hehehe
<CmdrCD> haahahahaha
<CmdrCD> your mom just phoned me
<CmdrCD> she said you are a loser:)
Sugarpuss : beam does not get free wins like u
Bronco788 : 200 pts in one day does sound wierd
<CmdrCD> thats right
<CmdrCD> and to be honest
Sugarpuss : atleast make it look good
Bronco788 : especially the last day
<CmdrCD> i dont care if it dqs me
Sugarpuss : haha
<CmdrCD> all i want is see beam down
<CmdrCD> brb
Sugarpuss : all u care about is cnc
Dday45 : hi
Sugarpuss : he wil
<CmdrCD> ac?
<CmdrCD> is that you?
<CmdrCD> sugar = ACndc?
Sugarpuss : there is no one too play last 3 dayes of turny too get 200 points
<CmdrCD> ted must have forgotten to ban that account..but i will mail him now
Sugarpuss : not even 1 day
Sugarpuss : hehe
Sugarpuss : im not ac
Dday45 : that is alot of point s to get!
Dday45 : how did you do it?
<CmdrCD> lol dday!!
<CmdrCD> you belong to beam too?
Dday45 : HEHE
Sugarpuss : u might have ure acount remove
<CmdrCD> you are the spy i guess
<CmdrCD> :)
Dday45 : hi!
Dday45 : huh?
<CmdrCD> been on all day just to log chat, eh?:)
Sugarpuss : 5-12
Sugarpuss : no one even rank on
Dday45 : can anyone tell me how the ranks and the points work ?
Dday45 : I have played a few games but i dont understand how to get points
Sugarpuss : nobody will let u get away with it cmdrcd
<CmdrCD> too bad that ted likes me, huh?:)
Sugarpuss : vted likes masta better
Sugarpuss : hahaha
Dday45 : talk to me people of earth!
Sugarpuss : Cmdrcd
Sugarpuss : let me look at the ranks
Sugarpuss : ill tell u who u got points from
stede : hi cd
<CmdrCD> hi stede
<CmdrCD> hey sugar
stede : number 2 eh?
stede : =)
Dday45 : Can you see what i am typing?
<CmdrCD> blerkin says you are a f.a.g :)
stede : who?
Sugarpuss : ok
Sugarpuss : but it wont help u not get dq
Sugarpuss : hehe
Dday45 : i will play tiberium gardens with tech 7 and 12 units
Sugarpuss : so blerkin gave u 5 wins
Sugarpuss : let me write this down
<CmdrCD> hehehe
<CmdrCD> sugar...what you going to do?
<CmdrCD> you telling ted i got wins?
Dday45 : I can see CmdrCD and SugarPuss typing
Sugarpuss : ure so stupid u probly played someone more then 5
<CmdrCD> hehe..no i didnt
Sugarpuss : if u get dq
Bronco788 : agent got 4 mysterious losses, Blerkin got 2
Bronco788 : ahhh
<CmdrCD> you know that your word doesnt count much ..you have been reported lots
Bronco788 : i understand
<CmdrCD> i won twice against agent
<CmdrCD> but it was not free
Sugarpuss : hehe
Bronco788 : thats how you did it huh cd, very good, nice cover up
<CmdrCD> i forced him to play at my settings and thats it
Bronco788 : 2 losses from nowhere
Bronco788 : for Blerkin
<CmdrCD> thats a clear difference in policy although the result is the sayme:)
Bronco788 : sounds wierd
Sugarpuss : hehe
Sugarpuss : 800
<CmdrCD> well..i didnt play blerk a single game
<CmdrCD> and ted can varyfy it
Bronco788 : how does he get two losses from nowhere
Bronco788 : the ladder did it to him?
Sugarpuss : masta could not make 200 points in last day and he has friends
Sugarpuss : u have no friends masta
Bronco788 : you may have thought you covered your tracks well but you didnt
Sugarpuss : except the loser players on s&n
stede : whos masta?
<CmdrCD> the ladder messed up
Sugarpuss : i mean cmdrcd
stede : hehe, going to win it seems cd
<CmdrCD> agent got 4 losses out of nowhere to
Sugarpuss : weres masta
stede : about time
Bronco788 : stede doesnt= masta, except on icq
<CmdrCD> i try the impossible stede
stede : hehe
<CmdrCD> i know beamblack cheats..but he does it very smart
Sugarpuss : he need too put u straight n narow cmdrcd
stede : to win honest u mean?
Bronco788 : so CD who did you beat today to get 200 pts
Sugarpuss : hehe
stede : i tried two months
Sugarpuss : burn15 15 times
stede : not possible
stede : =)
Bronco788 : CD
Bronco788 : who
<CmdrCD> yes?
Bronco788 : who did you beat to get 200 pts today
Sugarpuss : CmdrCD
Bronco788 : you cant answer huh
Bronco788 : you did get wins
<CmdrCD> i beat a lot of players the past 24 hours
Sugarpuss : then ull get that terible feeling hahaha
<CmdrCD> and i lost 2 games
<CmdrCD> thats the summery
Sugarpuss : ya right
<CmdrCD> and i wrote down exactly against who
Bronco788 : so who did you beat
Sugarpuss : u called them up and beg them too play u
<CmdrCD> shift82..
<CmdrCD> ninkum
<CmdrCD> agent
Sugarpuss : hehe
<CmdrCD> lost to monster
<CmdrCD> uplabut
<CmdrCD> xtanker
<CmdrCD> deskjet
<CmdrCD> and many more
stede : tanker9?
Bronco788 : 6 wins for 200 pts
Sugarpuss : firecraft
Sugarpuss : gave u like 60
Sugarpuss : its probly ure other name
Sugarpuss : he tryed too make it good
<CmdrCD> i didnt play fire
<CmdrCD> ted has all the list of who i played
Sugarpuss : dont no how u got enuff friends too even play u too make that much
Sugarpuss : bronco could u even find enuff player too get 200 in last todays
Bronco788 : heck no
Sugarpuss : 200
Sugarpuss : hehe
Bronco788 : thats a lot of points!
Sugarpuss : he was like 700
<CmdrCD> i played at 200% :)
Sugarpuss : 3 dayes ago
<CmdrCD> that explains it:)
<CmdrCD> hehehe
Sugarpuss : u will be first
Sugarpuss : the first one dq
Bronco788 : it took me a week to get last 200
Sugarpuss : CMDRCD HEHE
Bronco788 : maybe more than a week
Sugarpuss : and macmark will be number1
We will see, but I don't think so.
Sugarpuss : haha
Bronco788 : macmark that guy dced me
You did, ACnDC. And You, me and VTed know that.
Sugarpuss : i will crack up
Bronco788 : hes a homo
OfficerMc : hi
stede : i would be surprised really
stede : i dont think macmark would dc

Sugarpuss : he does other nasty thing i hear
OfficerMc : can anyone tell me how to play an internet game of C&C?
stede : but then i dont know him that well
Bronco788 : stede he does
Bronco788 : and he out of syncs
stede : some players have some pride
<CmdrCD> hehe
<CmdrCD> you will all be proved wrong..but
Sugarpuss : mac
<CmdrCD> the funny thing is..
Bronco788 : trust me he did it to me when i was on with Slate23
stede : and id guess hes one of them
Exactly. Thanks, Stede.
<CmdrCD> that you come here and have nothing to say!
Bronco788 : Macmark is one of the worst dcers here
Did Ted forget to disable this account of ACnDC?
stede : who?
<CmdrCD> i dont even know you sugarpuss...yet i know you are a dcer
Sugarpuss : should put u on page worst cheater ever for getting 250 points in a 24 hr period
Bronco788 : but he hides it well
Bronco788 : the funny thing is Ted listens to macmark
Ted listens to me? Wow!
Bronco788 : even though macmark is a horrible person
Mmh. Interesting.
Sugarpuss : tell masta
stede : i remember beating him twice without dcing, but that doesnt prove much
Next time I get You, Stede ;-)
OfficerMc : helllloooo???
Bronco788 : its just he covers it up so good
Bronco788 : i had no idea
Bronco788 : until he dced me,
Nice lie.
Sugarpuss : CmdrCD CNC IS URE LIFE
Sugarpuss : get a life
Bronco788 : at this place you never know who is good until it counts
stede : bronco did u have another nick earlier?
Sugarpuss : I only seen xxrock get more free wins at the end
Bronco788 : Topgun888
Sugarpuss : he was almost too 1200
stede : k
Bronco788 : i can tell you all of my names, unlike some people (Sugarpuss)
Sugarpuss : everyone in top 10 might be dq
Bronco788 : imcluding beam
Sugarpuss : and u would won 1st cmdrcd
Bronco788 : including cd
Sugarpuss : if u were honest
Bronco788 : they dont learn
stede : i heard pie and ccavenger cheated too
stede : true?
Read my news section and my discussions!
Bronco788 : getting wins gets them dqed everytime
Bronco788 : pie and ccavenger got dqed
stede : why?
Bronco788 : for getting wins
Sugarpuss : but evryone out of the top ten one last month
Bronco788 : ted told everyone
stede : heh
Sugarpuss : so the winners might be in the top 100
stede : id be ashamed
Bronco788 was the only 1 to get number 1 in like 6 months
XTANKERX : whatta/
Bronco788 cause he got 970 points the hard way
XTANKERX : hehe, how, chaeting?
Bronco788 : hey tanker
<Private from XTANKERX> Hey, what's up?
Bronco788 : did cd beat you last 24 hours?
XTANKERX : hey Bronc
stede : =)
XTANKERX : Actually =(
stede : tanker9?
Bronco788 : tanker where
<Private to XTANKERX> hi
<Private from XTANKERX> hey
<Private to XTANKERX> look at chat
Bronco788 : what scenario
stede : k
<Private to XTANKERX> you die of laughter
XTANKERX : Green Acres
<Private to XTANKERX> they now aoll say i cheated and will get dq:)
Bronco788 : what spot did you have
XTANKERX : um....top right
<Private from XTANKERX> hehe =)
Bronco788 : why did you lose if you had top right
stede : bronco thinks cd is lying
Bronco788 knows cd is lying
<CmdrCD> ted will think twice to dq me
<CmdrCD> and he would have to give resons
XTANKERX : i am good friends with ted
stede : reasons
<CmdrCD> or i phone his boss at wchat..lol
Bronco788 : Tanker who are you, if you cant tell
Bronco788 : ill just assume your in on it
XTANKERX : whatcha mean?
Bronco788 : xtankerx you arent just yourself
Bronco788 : you have other names
XTANKERX feels lef out of the conversation
Sugarpuss : 4/30/99 11 :00am 84-16 >> 1005
Sugarpuss : 4/28/99 8 :00pm >>>cmdrcd 790 60-15
<CmdrCD> i played tanker in no bases game
<CmdrCD> thats it
Bronco788 : CD
Bronco788 : then
<CmdrCD> and it gave me like 1 or 2 points
Bronco788 : its a lie
Bronco788 : he said it wasnt
XTANKERX : Id say like 5
Bronco788 : he said he had top right ga
Bronco788 : regular game
<Private from FlpMdSqd> hi beat any1
XTANKERX : twas b/off
Sugarpuss : 24-1 215 points i think not
Sugarpuss : unless there all top 25
FlpMdSqd : rank every1
XTANKERX : umm...........
Bronco788 : 24-1 215 points i think not thats too DANG LOW!
FlpMdSqd : 1xx
XTANKERX : 2xx-3xx
Bronco788 : 24-1 i shoudl be top 25
Sugarpuss : unless there free
Sugarpuss : and if u beat any one once they wont play u again
Bronco788 : the story all comes out
Sugarpuss : 4/28/99 8 :00pm >>>cmdrcd 790 60-15
Bronco788 : tanker you shouldnt have come in here
Sugarpuss : u real had a good two dayes
Bronco788 : your hurting cd
Sugarpuss : miracle one
XTANKERX : why shouldnt i have come here
XTANKERX is dumb as a board
<CmdrCD> tanker
<CmdrCD> sugar is noone and still he comes here and starts to argue
<CmdrCD> what tells us this?
Sugarpuss : 4/28/99 8 :00pm >>>cmdrcd 790 60-15
Sugarpuss : ill send that too ted
<CmdrCD> that his mum was brain dad as she got pregnant with him
Sugarpuss : whats hes e-mail
<CmdrCD> :)
Bronco788 : i know first hand what kind of insensitive scum CmdrCD is, i cant trust him, never could, never will
<CmdrCD> virtualted@westwood.com
Bronco788 : especially after what he did to me
stede : hehe
Sugarpuss : u had the best two dayes ever
XTANKERX : hey sugarpussy, why dont you shaddup, CD is my friend
stede : oh
Sugarpuss : even too find people too play
stede : there
Bronco788 : hey tanker dont worry he will stab you in the back like he did me
XTANKERX : well, well just have 2 wait an c
XTANKERX : now wont we
stede : hows that possibe?
Sugarpuss : cause i bet 80% of top 100 did not even play
Sugarpuss : please
Bronco788 : stede i bet you dont know the half of what cd did to me
<CmdrCD> btw..
stede : did to u?
Sugarpuss : ure rank better not go up again
<CmdrCD> blerkin says you are both idiots
Bronco788 : you know where i live
Sugarpuss : one more udate
XTANKERX : hahahaha
stede : did u make some sort of agreement?
stede : why?
Bronco788 : i live in littleton
Bronco788 : yeah
XTANKERX : shit man....
Bronco788 : CmdrCD was laughing at me
stede : bye
Bronco788 : when i told him
Bronco788 : you may think hes yor friend but when it counts he will nail you in the back
Bronco788 : hes the nonly person i dont like here
Sugarpuss : well hes german aint he
stede : when it counts...
Sugarpuss : haha
stede : why shoukd he not?
Sugarpuss : u finally get number 1
Sugarpuss : and u get put in ure place
Bronco788 : i like ACnDC more than i do CmdrCD cause AC was even sympathetic to me in those days
Mmh. So You like Yourself ACnDC? Great!
Sugarpuss : CmdrCD
stede : how did he nail u in the back?
Bronco788 : i told him i lost ten friends to shooting
Bronco788 : you know what he did
Bronco788 : he went yawn and started laughing
stede : oh
Bronco788 : what kind of sick
Bronco788 : person
stede : and its true?
Bronco788 : stede
Bronco788 : ill give you the site
Bronco788 : to prove it
stede : k
Bronco788 : im from littleton
stede : u said so
stede : uhm cd, this doesnt look good
Sugarpuss : he made fun of littleton he should be remove for that
stede : give me the site bronc
Bronco788 : http://www.westwood.com/westwoodonline/tournaments/ccgold/champs.html proves im from Littleton
Sugarpuss : even sunflight left
Sugarpuss : she cant take u cmdrcd
stede : heh, ill check
Bronco788 : i won the month of january before the shootings
Bronco788 : two months
stede : uhm,
Sugarpuss : atleast beamblack knows how too get free wins the honest way
Sugarpuss : hehehe
stede : and ure not kidding about this i hope
Bronco788 : go check
stede : i did
Bronco788 : thats me isnt it
stede : ...
<CmdrCD> stede
Bronco788 : then im not kidding:(
stede : yes?
<CmdrCD> u know me since quite some tiome
stede : true
<CmdrCD> and i was sorry deeply for my bad temper in the shooting case
stede : i see
<CmdrCD> but for what they are telling here now
Bronco788 : oh come on your only sorry cause i told sharky
Bronco788 : your cyber lover
<CmdrCD> is beyond all fairness
Bronco788 : she was mad
Sugarpuss : 4/28/99 8 :00pm >>>cmdrcd 790 60-15
stede : come on
Bronco788 : so you had to kiss butt to me
<CmdrCD> i never cheated
<CmdrCD> stede
<CmdrCD> do you know who sugarpuss is?
Sugarpuss : no
<CmdrCD> neither me
stede : no
Sugarpuss : but he just got free wins
stede : never seen him
<CmdrCD> and i didnt see him for 3 months
<CmdrCD> all of a sudden he pops up here and starts arguing
stede : anyway bronco...
<CmdrCD> as if he was watching all month
stede : an apology shoulkd be accepted
<CmdrCD> watching for beamblack, his friend
Sugarpuss : no im doing a report at school
Bronco788 : not this time
Sugarpuss : on the ladder
<CmdrCD> stede
<CmdrCD> i was rude
stede : oh yes
stede : bronco
<CmdrCD> i can understand he wont accept apology
stede : hehe, i dont care that much
Bronco788 : i jsut hate talkign about it im out of here
stede : it was a messup
<CmdrCD> hehe sugar
stede : and i understand hes upset
<CmdrCD> just give me a prove where i got free wins from?
stede : who wouldnet be
Bronco788 : people are so fucked up only care about themselves you cant understand me
stede : ?
Sugarpuss : killn4fun
Sugarpuss : 4 wins u got from him
<CmdrCD> nope..just 1
Sugarpuss : whos that burn
<CmdrCD> its unc
stede : hmm
Sugarpuss : thanios 4 wins
Sugarpuss : agent 5 wins
<CmdrCD> agent 3 in total
<CmdrCD> thanious none
Sugarpuss : 4/28/99 8 :00pm >>>cmdrcd 790 60-15
Sugarpuss : cya
<CmdrCD> stede?
stede : hmm, i guess bronc got upset
<CmdrCD> how are you doing anyways?...sorry i didnt ask b4
stede : heh, im fine
<CmdrCD> we havnt seen for months
stede : nah, ive almost stopped playing
stede : my monitor broke
stede : im at work now
stede : what about u?
Chole1 : Cd Hi
<CmdrCD> me too
<CmdrCD> i had work
<CmdrCD> last time
<CmdrCD> and i had my exams at school
stede : last time?
<CmdrCD> didnt pass them all:(
stede : oh
<CmdrCD> oh well
Chole1 : ok cd send me this file
stede : heh
<CmdrCD> but i found time to play again
stede : gping to barcelona?
<CmdrCD> and i played lots cnc and civilization2
Chole1 : who and what it all about
TheBronc : do you realize they kill your name for a cuss word now
<CmdrCD> then...i went to USA for 8 days
<CmdrCD> to meet online girl
TheBronc : DO NOT CUSS!
stede : hi bronc
TheBronc : they kill it
Chole1 : CD
stede : hehe cd
<CmdrCD> thats the summerey what happend with me, stede
Chole1 : send me the file
stede : how was she?
TheBronc : i was killed with all names luckily i knew the trick
<CmdrCD> ok..i send you now maddy

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