20 May 1999

The empire strikes back

2 days ago I played a guy (he died under my "Golden Eagle") who told me that he played me several times before this month and that he used different nicks for doing that. By this he admitted to break an important WChat rule: 1 nick for playing tourney each month. This guy faked a screen shot to say bad things about me. Well, this fake isn't even good. I saw better ones, but they all can be revealed to be fakes. I don't mention how to check here to prevent they improve their faking skills.

A bunch of players I toasted several times on this site, got that fake from him and published straight lies about me. They don't provide any background informations (about the game) to give their claim more reliabilty. Their source is a cheater according to Westwood's rules as mentioned above. And they even admit their "proof" looks wrong. Can I say more?

Yes! They even break their own rule: "No harassment".

It looks like all the bad guys I toasted ever on my site try to touch my honour. You can't touch this.

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