Golden Eagle

28 Apr 1999, tactic from MacMark
abstract: GDI versus GDI or NOD strategy. GDI uses an offensive mode to give the enemy every time a mismatch. You need advanced unit control skills and for that You need to know the short cuts of C&C.

This tactic was used by me in the April 1999 tourney. I got awesome results with it. This is the first public release that will get some minor updates during the next few weeks.

The main building order is:

general notes

I suggest to use the map Moosehead Barrens, technology level 7 and 5 start units.

You should try to close any gaps to prevent that Your opponent scouts Your base. Use Your 5 start units for that and back them up with infantry. Use Your Humm-Vee to scout the map and Your opponent's base.

Keep him busy by attacking his unprotected units or structures with Your Orcas. Every missile Your Orcas fire at anything brings You nearer to Your victory.

Anti units:

  • Use Orcas versus all kind of tanks, APCs, NOD Buggies, Apaches, enemy Orcas Mobile Rocket Launch Systems (MRLSs), Mobile Artillery and structures.
  • Use Grenadiers and Minigun Infantry versus Recon Bikes, NOD Buggies, buildings and infantry.
  • Use Rocket Soldiers versus Apaches, scattered versus all kind of tanks, APCs and enemy Orcas.
  • Use Your Humm-Vee versus the enemy MRLS. Drive it close to the MRLS then fire. The MRLS has no short range capability and won't hit You!

If Your opponent mixes his units do the same with Your appropiate anti units.

2 or 3 Barracks gives You a good chance to protect Your base and Your Harvesters and win even if You lose Your Construction Yard, Your Weapons Factory, all vehicles and all Orcas. I did it several times.

playing versus GDI

Usually Your GDI opponent builds 1 or 2 Weapons Factories early and tries to tank rush You. Even if he has 2 of them producing one Medium Tank after the other and even if he has sold his Construction Yard You win. If You see 2 Weapons Factories build 6 Heli Pads. 4 Orcas are enough to destroy a getting repaired Weapons Factory. 3 are enough to destroy an unrepaired one. But You don't need to destroy them. Your Orcas have enough fire power to waste all his tanks heading towards Your base. Some may reach Your base, but they will be killed by some scattered Rocket Soldiers or Grenadiers. Armored Personal Carriers (APCs) are destroyed the same way. Read for this my other tactic to kill APCs!

If he tries to protect something with Rocket Soldiers send Grenadiers to kill them. Remember: More soldiers mean less money for his tanks.

playing versus NOD

If Your NOD opponent uses Apaches have fun. Read the hints about heli differences here! Attack the Apaches at their Heli Pads. If they take off Your Orcas will follow and shoot them down even in the air! Apaches can target ground units only. Your Orcas have air to air capability! The Apaches need longer reload delays than Your Orcas. So You can take care that they have no chance to reload. If he builds Surface to Air Missile (SAM) Sites think about the money he wastes. A single SAM site can be destroyed easily by 4 Orcas. Remember a SAM site target the first heli it recognizes. So move a first Orca around the SAM site giving it a target which it misses because of Your circles. Your remaining Orcas get secure shots at the site then.

If he uses Rocket Soldiers or Recon Bikes bring in some Minigun Infantry or Grenadiers to remove them. Even 2 Air Strips aren't enough to threaten You.

If he relies on NOD Buggies Your Orcas have special fun. Building some Medium Tanks is recommended then too. Read the hints regarding killing Recon Bikes.

Light Tanks are great fun for the Orcas too, even more than GDI Medium Tanks. For taking out APCs look above in the GDI hints.

If Your opponent thinks You use this tactic and tries any good counter strategy not mentioned here, give him a surprise with Dead Bang!

If You expect an Apache rush, stop building Refineries and get Rocket Soldiers. After You got his Apaches continue Your normal building order. (I did it several times.)

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