Jan 22

Honest players disqualified?

I got this from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous:

This is <removed>, and I need a favour of You. Yesterday VirtualTed announced the winners for December, and he made an awful mistake. BlackYoda, Pieman1, and Oompah were disqualified, but they are honest players. But people like Tiffany, and CactusJap won, they are both ACnDC. How could this be? Wchat really screwed this one up. Please email VTed and complain and start a petition. I would like You to put what happened on Your web page. . .

MacMark: Maybe they made some mistakes? That Cactus is ACnDC is known. But is he Tiffany too? If so he will be d/qed by Ted because of the new WChat rules.