30 Mar 1999
Just a few additional pts. to be made regarding Mastablue's letter.

#1. I'm not Tons, if he broke a rule that's not too much of my concern and it certainly doesn't reflect myself or Pieman, why do you insist on trying to run our names through the mud?

#2 if playing with 2 accounts during the same month is cheating, then let's be realistic because you've done it, Heck madsky had like 6 names one month, Blerkin had 4 or 5, JJM has multiple names same month as well as murder1 and requiem and so on.  In short you all have had multiple names during the same month, but for posterity... I never have, I either play with oomp or avenger, and to the best of my knowledge pieman has never done that either, I'm not even so sure if Tons did it or not, you'll have to take that matter up with him ;).

One other note.  Supposedly Ted has told you all this inside information?  I have emailed Ted in the past all he ever says is "I'll look into it" or "thanks for the info", but to you he says "Yes we have confirmed IP duplication".  Thats good I hope he does check IP's, incase I want to play again, but I seriously doubt he would devulge information like that to an ordinary player, unless maybe you worked for WW or something, he wouldn't offer that up.  Do you think maybe your bending the truth a little old boy?

Oompah ;)

MacMark: Well, today I got another email from Mastablue (together with Yours) which makes the things clearer You talk about.

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