29 Mar 1999
Hello all, MastaBlue speaking here.

Let's just face it, now that Oompah admitted that his own personal relative in real life (Tonsoffun), used the nickname Clor, yet denied it to everyone in the past, and played with multiple accounts (tons and clor), why would we take anything these fools say to us at face value?

It is a true disgrace to actually admit that you commit a disqualifying defense, then act surprised when you
are disqualified. I remember hearing Tons bragging in chat a few months ago saying how "he recieived a phone call from ted personally saying he would win a prize" I guess everyone assumed that he was talking about his "Tonsoffun" account getting a prize, not his Clor account. (Clor took 3rd that month and won a t-shirt)

The thing that really slaps me in the face is that these lamers actually have skill. More skill than most people to be exact. Yet they try to bend the rules and get away with BLATANT cheating. A good player is dangerous, but a good player that CHEATS is absolutely deadly. They have already admitted to using multiple accounts now in ladders at the same time, what else is next? I have already heard from a reliable source that they have already lowered themselves to disconnecting.

Do not listen to what Oompah, or Pieman1 or Tonsoffun say, they are just a few more lamers to add onto
everyones "Dirty Players List." The FACT of the matter is, Ted has logged IP address of MrMonday, Bunzski,
CCMafia, Clor and Tons and there have been times where they all link each other together. IP addresses do not lie, but obviously they expose lies from lamers like Oompah, Pie and Tons.

Thats the fact of the situation, that IP addresses dont lie, and if any lamers that support Pie/OOmpah/Tons have any reply to this message, just re-read my statement and you will get the idea into your heads. IP ADDRESSES DO NOT LIE.

Thanks for your time. MastaBlue

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