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DontERme abusing 3 minutes rule

Today I had an interesting talk with TheAfRiKn on ICQ. You can read it here, but you will have to start at the bottom.

I'm quite unhappy with our player named "DontERme". He's a very poor sportsman and he does exactly what his nick asks you not to do: To resign the game under 3 minutes.

"DontERme" is clearly abusing the 3 minutes rule Westwood introduced a while ago. The ladder doesn't count games under 3 minutes to give players a chance to leave the game, if it started under false pretences: Some guys can start a game without you having accepted the settings. They change the settings fast and a second later they start the game. For this, Westwood made the 3 minutes rule. The other reason was to decide between fake-games and real games: Westwood learned, that some players give each other points by setting up a fake-game and simply surrender to get the points for one of them. Later we called that a "free win rush" as you all know.

Westwood assumed that no game can end under 3 minutes, because they assume original C&C speed. But many of you guys out there want to play minigunners that run like rabbits and not like real soldiers wearing heavy weapons and boots. See those fat vehicles? Yes, they're mammoth tanks and no Porsches! Yes it's C&C and not Nascar Racing!

Now back to our friend "DontERme": He plays high speed games, tries to engineer you with an APC and if that fails or your game isn't fast enough for his taste, he leaves under 3 minutes. This way he cheated, ahem made his way to the top. I suggest not to play him, or if you play him, keep on putting the game speed down. Don't waste your time playing him! I gave him the red face on the black list and think about disqualifying him this month.

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:57 Uhr, MacMark said :
    Maybe I should think about it again...

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:54 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    how does one gain points if donterme is not prepared to play fairly, ive played him before and i cant beat him and get poiints because i stopped his apc and he early resigned

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:54 Uhr, MacMark said :
    It's a hint, but no proof, sorry.

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:50 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    what if a lot of other people have suspicions?

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:50 Uhr, MacMark said :
    I see no way to prove a FWR. For that I would need WW's log files :(

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:48 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    will you look into his fwr of 90 points? that i saw on the forum

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:48 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:48 Uhr, MacMark said :
    WW's rules say nothing about "good player". I know that most of the top50 suck ;-)

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:45 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    i will leave you be now, thankyou for your time

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:45 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    well i believe a champ must be a good sport, and A GOOD PLAYER. he quite franlkly relies on luck and not on his skill.

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:44 Uhr, MacMark said :
    It's no good sportsmanship of him, but it's still by the rules. I wouldn't play him ;-)

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:43 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:43 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    oh sorry your occupied

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:43 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    yes? no?

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:36 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    anyway, i hope i have a point there :)

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:36 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    he has resigned for things being too slow too

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:36 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    we should play normal speed, but he will just change it, or resign when we change it

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:35 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    well, this is what happens, in his games, you play him, and he goes for an apc as quick as possible, if he fails to get this apc in, he resigns, so he doesnt get the loss. ALOT of people believe this is not a very deserving to be champion,

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:34 Uhr, MacMark said :
    why should he?

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:33 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    is donterme going to get disqualified?

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:32 Uhr, MacMark said :

    On Sam, 25. Mai 2002, 11:28 Uhr, TheAfRiKn said :
    hi mac

NKOslider says bye - for now

I got an email from NKOslider. He has to leave our game at least for a while. He was the founder of the famous NKO clan and was running one of the few web sites that had some impact to the C&C community: New Klan Order (NKO). Good luck to you and welcome back, if you return some day!

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    From: "john ellis" <>
    Subject: hi
    Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 15:03:21 -0400
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    Hi Mac, how are ya doing,well I hope.Im just writing to tell ya I wish ya much luck and keep up the magnificent work on your website.As for me in done at least for now,I cant keep up the site and the NKO anylonger.My job is just to demanding now plus my cd rom is shot,but never say never .Maybe someday ill make a comeback and ill let ya know if I do.I had a lot of enjoyment playing this game over the years.There are alot of good people who play it and alot of bad ones to but that goes for pretty much everything.Im sending ya my pic so you can put it on your site if you so chose.I hope through my years I got to some people,I know I did a few and made them not so much better players but better people.Ya know I spent 10 years training and teaching in the martial arts.I learned alot about a great many things,it taught me respect and responsability and made me who I am today,a big reason.Some people tend to lose track that if they want to be great at anything they should learn to help 1 another.To say & do things to hurt others is the easy way out .Life is full of failures and they should not intend to add to their #'s.Well take care Mac and gl to you ,your friend,NKOslider(John).

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