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Sole Survivor canned

If you visited WChat during the last view days (and I'm sure you did), you will have read this message:

    Welcome to Westwood Online!
    Server version is 4.2, last built on Sun Jan 6 2002 at 00:54:28 PST
    Local date and time is January 12, 2002 3:49am.
    Your Sysops are Sunflight, and VirtualTed
    Due to a lack of players, and the number of free alternative games available at EA.COM, we have
    closed our GPP and Sole Survivor rooms. We have no future plans to close any of our other game channels. For those of you interested in great online arcade and card games, please visit our sister site, POGO.COM. Your Westwood Online software will not allow you to create rooms, as this function is unnecessary for the creation and playing of Red Alert, Dune 2000, Monopoly, and Command & Conquer games. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our players. For more information and news, please visit!

The game named "Sole Survivor" had been canned. It didn't solely survive, it died at first. What an irony of fate! Sole Survivor "SS" was introduced a longer time after Command & Conquer. Unnecessary to say that in constrast to SS, C&C is still rocking.

The C&C clan "SSB" (sole survivor blitzkriegs) isn't meaningful anymore too: No game, no clan named like it.

Mseop dirty player?

The daily reader will have read all previous reports and news about Mseop. If not, check the past news and the blacklisted players. This is a very difficult case. I'm not able to judge this, but I give you all information I get about it. I heard Mseop wasn't dqed in December 2001. This can mean two things: Either he was honest or he was dirty and Westwood didn't recognize it. Maybe we will never know for sure. Anyway, assuming he's dirty, we would get him sooner or later, so I don't worry much about it yet. In case he's honest: sorry for all the hard times ;-) The latest news incoming were:

    Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 19:43:30 EST
    Subject: (no subject)
    MIME-Version: 1.0


           To every story there is a flip sided coin. I write now to incriminate Mseop for accessing other peoples nicknames without their permission when they had been using said name for tourney use, as well as spreading lies and to show you all just the kind of loser that he is. In doing that I cant help but admit to the fact that I ERd the lamer, though I knew that something was up anyway and the guy deserves what he gets. I know that the author of this site and others will be unimpressed by my actions, but I hope this all helps you to see what a loser Mseop is and the lengths he goes to for his whims. Enclosed are 6 screenshots of our conversation after the game, they tell the key parts of the story, ill tell the rest. What happens is this:

          I go into Kyawardog's channel, he is newbie who I beaten 2x already he slow builder unit control suck Stealth hid me etc... and he always played as NOD. I go in 9/7/9999 GDI. I kinda curious see whats going on play him he sees my orcas attacks with his orcas he build fast know what he doing SOMETHING IS AMISS. I resign.

          He says to me Haha I got SS send to MacMark you resign haha. To that affect, not the thing that newbie Kyawardog Stealth Hide me would say. So I play dumb to see where he is going with this whole little thing of his, and he reveals to me that he is Mseop using the name of another tourney player because the password is common knowledge. He threatens to send ER picture, but I tell him that even though I want a reputation an ER is a minor blotch, and since he is also doing illegal thing being on another tourny players nick he is best to keep his mouth shut. Then he says to me that he will fake the conversation between me and him to try and further incriminate me, and use the fact that the password is common knowledge to fabricate lies that I FWR with Pilbots. That is further him trying to ruin my name.

          Then I ask him what his deal was namehiding me and such shiet. He says to me in one the screenshot that he saw me on and decided to wait like a spider for me to come in just to screw me over because I would expect another victim. Again through his use of deceit Mseop tried to screw me over. Then he made me an offer that I found most amusing. He told me that he would keep shut up about the whole deal If I repealed all of the evidence I had about his multi naming FWR etc, after I had taken all of those lengths to gather hard evidence, even though he continues to deny it. Now I find this funny: If Mseop were truly innocent he wouldnt care what I say, and nobody would really believe me. Obviously Mseop feels threatened by my accusations... I wonder why?

    So in short while I am incriminating myself of an ER, not usually an offense of mine to begin with, though in this case something did not feel right, we see yet again that Mseop1 is up to no good.



Mseop the liar?

Regarding the news of the past days I got some more informations:

  • From:
    Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 12:22:03 EST
    Subject: fwr
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Im Ne0nBLaK & NsAnEsYkO.  I started playing on Nsane then just for fun i started playing on ne0n.  I had NO FWR and about champs94 being musashi that is bull shit.  He is lying to make us think that he isnt mseop so when he possibly gets dqed mseop has no history of it
  • From:
    Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 17:31:24 EST
    Subject: Mseop the liar?
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Yet another FWR tracking article:

    So the situation as it stands: We have two conflicting stories about the identity of Champs94 and who exactly the Free Winners were. As it stands right now, Champs94 claims to be N1Musashi. I cought up with N1Musashi today and he denied the whole chat conversation last night. Enclosed a couple screenies about Musashi, including one of him denying conversation. At this stage of the game there is very little patchy information but it looks like Mseop was trying to pull tricks given that others have told me that Mseop said things that lead them to believe that he was in fact Champs94. A couple new pictures for your gallery :-)

    The screenshots:

Top cheaters

I got today three mails that were very interesting. I forwarded the one with screenshots to Westwood's ladder team although I guess they're taking a look here too:

  • Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 10:01:17 -0800
    From: Keith Salter <>
    Subject: Elpaladin
    MIME-version: 1.0
    X-Priority: 3

    Hi Mark

    this is really funny, i find this to be hilarious, is is cause they are jealous.

    First of all i am not Champs94 secondly, why would u think that lilttle shit is right.
    he has many names on the ladder one of interesting note.

    AAAcndc ranked 97
    xlordssbx ranked14
    xmacmarkx ranked 377
    Warcow329 ranked 82
    Abercr0mb ranked 171
    Pr0b0wler ranked 274
    Himler1 ranked 337
    moocow6 ranked 427
    funny how is is mimmicking some past players and with all those names plus the fact,

    Pilbots has 2 names nsanesyko and ne0nblak i believe these 2 have been working hand in hand on a fwr.

    I hope this clears it all up, and fot the future, i will not be playing anymore. i will move on to other games.
    If this all guys can do is accuse people of wrong doing then so be it, but i dont and wont take it any more toodle loo
  • From:
    Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 13:28:58 EST
    Subject: about the mseop fwr
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    As elp said 30 points were unaccounted for.  Fl1nstone was 38-2 and he went to 38-8.  Both Iviolateu and Mseop rose from this.  Mseop took 4 wins from Fl1n And i believe that violate either beat or is as well mseop fwr'ing 2 wins off of fl1nstone, I dont know this but it was what i think
  • From:
    Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 00:01:40 EST
    Subject: FWR Update- Musashi the fool
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    All of this month Pilbots and I have insisted that Mseop was FWRing as Champs94... some errors were made and I would like to apologize to Mseop for an error on my part, and I hope that maybe the feud that spanned this month can settle.

    This would not have come about had not something very interesting happened in chat last night. That little pirahna hunting newbie N1Musashi came in and told me of his ambitious little plan. Since you are all probably very tired of reading these reports (given you read them at all) Ill keep it short and sweet. Musashi is Pirahna40 and Iviolateu- the little piranha hunting fatfawk been under our noses all this month.

    Enclosed are two screenshots of the little asshole spilling the goods

    These clear Mseop of his innocence and discount me of any credibility I have left... but at least we get Musashi in the end. I really hate that guy. Id give anything to see his butt DQd.

    To all: Happy New Year


What a start into the new year ;-) I highly doubt that that fool will be the winner for NOD and GDI. Does he really think they let him get away with this?

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