Tourney No. 1 of 2002

updated 2002-06-08
Welcome to the Tourney No. 1 home page.

Players that signed up:

  1. AAAblaze,
  2. Admiirall,
  3. austin469,
  4. Chicat,
  5. ElPaladin,
  6. jdgmntime,
  7. NKOVolvo,
  8. Pilbots,
  9. Ron269,
  10. ShabakaII,
  11. Skylord1,
  12. SpEaRRR,
  13. sPyDeRhk5,
  14. TheAfRiKn,

Current results:

points     match
1 AAAblaze 4  x 2:1 1:2 1:2
2 Admiirall 2 x 0:3 0:3 2:0
3 austin469 - x
4 Chicat - x
5 ElPaladin - x
6 jdgmntime 2 1:2 x 1:2
7 NKOVolvo 5 2:1 3:0 x 0:3
8 Pilbots 13 2:1 3:0 2:1 3:0 x 3:0
9 Ron269 0 0:3 x
10 ShabakaII - x
11 Skylord1 - x
12 SpEaRRR 0 0:2 x
13 sPyDeRhk5 - x
14 TheAfRiKn - x

What for is this tourney?

    Some players had asked me to host a tourney, because they want a tourney without cheating advantages and a real champion. So here we're ...

When will this tourney start?

    As soon as enough players have signed up. The date will be posted here and all players will receive email early. The tourney starts on 2002-05-27. Good luck to all!

Who's allowed to play?

    Everybody, no exceptions.

How do I sign up?

    Mail your nick with the topic "tourney" to MacMark.

Can I sign up by posting on the forum?


Whom do I play in the tourney?

    You will have to play 3 times versus every other player in the tourney. Every win gives you 1 point. Thus you can get up to 3 points versus every other player.
    This kind of tourney allows an exact ranking of all players in the end. You have then bragging rights for "I'm better than this and that one."

How long does it last? Playing everyone 3 times could take a while.

    There's no deadline for it. You can play all your opponents in every mixed order, let's say 1 game versus A, 2 games versus B, then 1 game versus A, and so on. Thus you will always have an opponent available.

How is the tourney winner chosen?

    Winner will be the guy with the most total points. If we get on top players with equal points, they will have to play each other again 1 time on the neutral settings.

What are the settings for the games?

  • First game: Your settings.
  • Second game: His settings.
  • Third game: Neutral settings.

What are the neutral settings?

  • Map "Eye Of The Storm" (no special tactics for his map are published until now and it has a bit of everything plus no one gets a starting point which forces him to move his Mobile Construction Vehicle)
  • $6332 starting credits (this will render most known tactics useless, because they assume $9999 usually)
  • 4 starting units (You get enough to scout the enemy early and no special units like an APC)
  • Technology level 7 (full arsenal of weapons)
  • Artifical Intelligence Off (no luck)
  • Crates Off (no luck)
  • Bases On (full tactics)
  • Tiberium On (long games possible)
  • Hint: The CnC gooroos have this map as a downloadable practice map!

What about cheating?

    Mail the incident to MacMark who will judge this.

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