yellow power

annotation from MacMark
It isn't always necessary to be in the green. If You got yellow power, You lose only power for:
  • radar screen
  • Obelisk of Light
  • Advanced Guard Tower
  • Charging the Ion Cannon
  • Charging the Temple of NOD.

But You can still build everything (including tanks) as fast as if You would have green power.

Other guards like the Turret, SAM Site and Guard Tower are working properly even with red power. Although building units and structures is slowed down a lot.

So, if You need to build fast, mostly You can rely on Your single Power Plant.

If You're under attack and lose Power Plants, You should sell some consumers of power to get back fast full power: One of the Refineries, Communications Center, Barracks / Hand of NOD, Obelisk of Light or an Advanced Guard Tower. Selling is mostly faster than building a new Power Plant.

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