tower wars

2001-01-27: tactic from MacMark
During many games the players build towards the opponent's base. Key structures are the NOD Turret, Obelisk Of Light, Advanced Guard Tower, Guard Tower and the Orca, Apache, SAM Site, and what many players don't realize: infantry and the Concrete Barrier.

What do these structures do:

  • NOD Turret: Destroy armored units and buildings.
  • Obelisk Of Light: Destroy armored units and buildings and infantry.
  • Advanced Guard Tower: Destroy Orcas and Apaches and most important: groups of or single infantry!
  • Guard Tower: Destroy single infantry.
  • Orca: Destroy other helis air-to-air or on the ground, armored units and structures and very important: remove enemy NOD Turret, Obelisk Of LIght, Guard Tower.
  • Apache: Destroy enemy infantry, light vehicles and buildings.
  • SAM Site: Destroy helis.
  • Infantry: Destroy NOD Turret, Obelisk Of Light.
  • Concrete Barrier: Protect Your structures versus NOD Turrets and tanks.

Of course You must check out the counter building and optimal usage for all different units of C&C in the 3 pages of the units section.

I found that many players don't use the Concrete Barrier to protect for example their Advanced Guard Tower. NOD Turrets cannot shoot over walls. They must destroy the wall at first. While Your Advanced Guard Tower is proteced by the walls, he can fire over the wall at the NOD Turret or infantry. Use Your own infantry to take the NOD Turret out. It cannot hit infantry effectively. Remember that Rocket Soldiers and Grenadiers can fire over walls. This is great versus NOD Turrets and versus enemy tanks. No tank, except the Mammoth Tank's 2nd weapon, can fire over walls. While the enemy tries to bring down the walls, build some new and put them as a replacement. I suggest You sell Your old wall a few seconds before it breaks down. So You pay only half the prize for Your replacement.

You see that You can make certain enemy units useless if You rely on Concrete Barriers. Combine Your units to remove enemy NOD Turrets: AGT behind walls, some infantry and some Orcas. It's important to know that some defensive structures can fire only on single targets: The Obelisk, Turret and Guard Tower can only hit 1 unit at a time. Unlike this the AGT has much fun with groups of infantry. Furthermore take care to protect Your AGTs, they lack short range fire. Other units can remove enemies who came too near to Your AGT and the Concrete Barrier ensures noone comes to near.

One more thing: A Chinook with an Engineer can take the enemy Construction Yard. Thus You can stop even the most aggressive builder. At least he has to spend some money and attention to protect his CY. Money and time he won't have to attack You ;-)

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