Go For the throat!

31 July 2000: tactic from Acernod
This only works for low unit count or Zero start units. Build order is Power plant, barracks, barracks, then refineries. The second you have a Barracks/Hand of Nod, rush out Flamers/Grenadiers one after another, Flamers/Grenadiers run faster then Infantry. Send one to each corner, when you find his base send a group of five Flamers/Grenadiers and hit his Construction Yard, a group of five Flamers/Grenadiers can take a construction yard down in moments, but be sure to send another five as soon as possible to finish the job if the first five didn't succeed, the first five will have weakened the Construction Yard enough for the next group to finish it off. It also helps to have the original unit that scouted out his base attack his Refinery, as for this will divert his attention away from his Construction Yard leaving it vulnerable. The game is usually over shortly after this.hen the other guy plans on tank rushing me, its funny when they didn't see me do it, and wonder what happened to 20 of there tanks.

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