Bike rush / tank rush

31 Jan 99: tactic from LilMoosh
Alright this is what You do..

Sell Your CY. As soon as Your first Airstrip is up make Bikes as fast as possible. Keep making them until Your second Airstrip is up and now that You've found out where he's and having about 10-15 Bikes it's alright to go attack him, go for his unit producing structures or go for his purse. Then once that second strip is up, make Light Tanks like mad! 10-15 will be sufficient. Use the tanks too, if You used bikes to take out his purse, to take out his unit producing structures. Bikes and tanks work well attacking simultaneously. So it's nice to see a base fall with just bikes and tanks at Your command. Now having either or crippled his base or taken out his money You'll have free reign of the land. You'll probably need to mop up the rest of his forces with tanks / bikes but it shouldn't be a problem with the forces You have.

PS: If You loose more than 40% of Your force on 1 operation, retreat and attack when he's not ready for it.

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