tactics from swarcoff

07 August 2000: tactic from swarcoff
hi mark a have a few tactics that are often neot thought of but as cnc is a game that every advantage you must make worth everything you can of it.

ENGINEERS when you capture a building dont be dumb and sell it right away. if you have 1600+ you can cause some real havoc in there base. by building a barrack or 2 and then flamers if guarded well and engineers if unguarded or if your in a battle on another part of the map. even after that dont sell the buildings this does 2 things poses a threat and dangerousyour opponant will have to iether
A) bring troops to destory the building wasting time B) this is the very neat part they build an engi and attempt to recapture it once they build an engineer sell the building when the engineer is close to your building this causes them to waste 500 credits.


in some situations this could happen wherre you can use barracks and power plants to make a wall to protects your refinerys and airstrip and con yard ive found this works well on green acres on right vs left matchup.

Chinook defence

ive found on maps like s&n that when people see a apche copter they build a sam site not rocket soldiers build a chinook put an engineer and some flamers if you want and hot key both your chinook and apche sending the apche in just a bit before your chinook that way the sam shoots the apche not the chinook leaving you there open base to wreak havoc in often flamers are not needed because on a map like s&n people must have there con yard

mark place these tactics into the categorys you wish im not sure where to put them

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