stealth trick

11/08/98: tactic from Lemon95
This tactic is for NOD. It is most effective against NOD, although it can be used against GDI if everything is right.

Against NOD build

You will be in the yellow , but even though you can build fine, You might want to put up another power, just for backup and maybe another airstrip.

Constantly build Stealth Tanks until You have at least five or six. If You play on tech level 7 You start out with Stealth Tanks so use those too. You need to be able to see his base, so use a Stealth to explore his base early on. After You have about five or six, he should not have any Obelisks, and Turrets won't notice Stealths. He probably won't know what your doing unless he watches Your base a lot. Then You put Your Stealths around his CY and open fire. The only way to really stop this is if he puts Rocket Launchers and Tanks around his CY. Otherwise, it will almost always work with 5-6 stealths. Against GDI it might not be as effective because they can put up normal Guard Towers and take out a suprising amount of Stealths with 1 or 2 of those things. Of course if he doesn't, the GDI base falls easier, so you will only need 4-5 Stealths, even if he has some protection around it, like a Medium Tank, it won't do much. Even though You will lose Your Stealths, unless he has really pathetic defence, you will get his CY, which is essential in the begining of the game,
and can usually give you a quick lead.

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