spartan tank rush

10/09/98: tactic from Pamparia
The Spartan Tank Rush is the fastest tank rush I've ever seen. The idea is to outnumber Your opponent in tanks.

I recommend to use it only against GDI and only on maps were You're sure Your base is safe (like Tiberium Garden).The weaknesses of this are Engineers and heli rushes. You can pass the heli rushes by using tech 5 and You pass APCs by using tech 3. I use tech 6 or tech 7 I like the challenge (plus You don't reveal what You will do).

After making Your 2nd Weapons Factory You sell 1 Refinery instead of making a 2nd Power Plant. This plus the fact of a missing Barracks makes You superior. Do not wait too long. In long run You're the looser. If You attack before You sold the Construction Yard and used up all that money You also have no advantage over a standard tank rush or a tank build up.

If You attack at the right time (meaning when You used up all cash do not wait) You should be superior to him having up to 6 tanks more compared to standard 2 Refinery tank rush. The standard 1 Refinery rush is a little bit slower than this so You even can take this sratch on small maps.

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