soulcage rush

02 April 2000: tactic from Soulcage
  • Sell Construction Yard and go scout of course
  • Place the 2 Power Plants seperated in case they get in.1 Power Plant is weak, they get Your power n it's over. 2 scattered Plants are more efficient.
  • Rush with Your start units or infantry while Your Refinery is building, You must get in there base!!
  • Get in and map their power.

if you dont get in Your building order should be:

The 2nd Barracks is for speed. Sell Your Construction Yard and build Grenadiers or other infantry. Take out the enemy CY first so no more buildings for them ;-) If they don't see it coming the CY goes in 1 trip with Your helis, if they see it and repair 2 trips are necessary. On the 2nd trip You will have enough to finish off the CY and kill their power (devistating stuff, very effective).

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