small maps

21 July 1999: tactic from MacMark
On small maps like "Green Acres" or "One Pass Fits All" and 0 units, You shouldn't use any vehicles.

You should immediately build a Barracks / Hand Of NOD and get some Grenadiers / Flame Thrower Infantry for scouting the map. Then build towards Your enemy Refineries, more Barracks / Hands of NOD, Power Plants and Guard Towers / NOD Turrets.

He usually wastes his money on building vehicles and a Weapons Factory or an Airstrip. If You're GDI You can also use some Orcas versus his not-air-capable units. If You're NOD use some Apaches versus him if You like. But usually that's not necessary. An APC gets killed by some spread Rocket Soldiers and Grenadiers / Flame Thrower Infantry.

As soon as Your Barracks / Hand of NOD and Guard Towers / NOD Turrets reach his base the game is over. You usually have more Refineries than him and lots of money, while he's running out of money and can't counter Your buildings rush. Naturally You use the Barracks / Hands for building infantry continuously ;-)

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