Shake n Bake

14 April 2000: tactic from articfire
Alrighty Mac, this is Your captain, agentnrkh. I will give You the ultimate tactic ever thought of. The Agent Shake n Bake: The Agent Shake n Bake can be used in a different matter if You would like to use, such as TygrTank modified it to Totoe Magic, but the whole idea is to play to Your apponent and watch when he makes a mistake or builds slow.

Your basic build order though is this, unless Your oponent is rushing helis or some order, then You do Your basic defense. This is for NOD by the way:

Then procede with Your strengths, such as if You're good with Apaches, make Heli Pads, Light Tanks and NOD Buggies, another Airstrip .

That is just the basic order. The whole idea at the time is to expand the whole map and surround Your enemy.

You must explore their base to see if they're heli rushing You so You can build Rocket Soldiers and SAM Sites if needed. If they're Hand-Of-NOD- rushing (compare Barracks rush) You, You've Your 2 Apaches at start, go kill their Power Plants and work on their Harvesters once power is done, Apaches are also used to kill Engineers if they Engineer-rush You.. If You are a master of the Chinook like me, You can Chinook them real fast and game will be over. Also, this tactic calls for a later Airstrip, thats cause I'm great with starting units and my infantry I build from the Hand Of NOD, from the Airstrip. Build units to how Your apponent is building. If he has NOD Buggies, just build NOD Turrets around key points, and build up Recon Bikes and Light Tanks, until You get the Communications Center, then make Flame Tanks. At the main attack You will have a mixture of units. At the whole time remember You're expanding and surrounding their base while taking all the Tiberium. Put Recon Bikes and Flamerthrower Infantry and Minigunners around Tiberium, Your helis will be annoying to them as You take their power when they start making heli defenses, You just go attack there Harvesters. This way You will be building up while they're just making Rocket Soldiers and SAM sites, usually they think You're heli rushing them. Now just build up You have Your units, now You want a Chinook with Engineers, and an APC with Engineers. If You're on a choked map, they should never explore Your base to allow them to see Your attack.

First off mark Your different units, such as Recon Bikes, NOD Buggies, Light Tanks, etc... You don't want Your NOD Buggies attacking NOD Turrets and Light Tanks and stuff like that.

Do not just rush in and attack buildings, that is why most people lose, and if they have NOD Turrets don't go in theirbase.. stay around the edges and kill Harvesters and make them come to You, as the battle begins, You move Your APC in which will make them make a choice, they can go after the APC or battle Your units, if they go for APC, then kill all their units, they will stop firing on You, at the same time, bring Your Chinook in with 3 Engineers, 2 Flamethrower Infantry, and take out their key buildings, You also have Your helis, killing there Flamethrowers and infantry.

After all this is done they will usually resigning or dc. If You would like to master this tactic in more detail cause I cant explain it real well in words, I'll show You how its done.


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