newbie tips

updated 2001-04-08: hints from MacMark
These tips are for players who have only played versus the computer and aren't familiar with human versus human matches. Advanced players will be bored by these tips because they're basic for a little success in the game:
  • Money: Build as close to Tiberium as You can. Regard that You get a Mobile Construction Yard. "Mobile" means You can move it to a good place. But don't move around too long. Expand Your base and build Your Refineries close to the Tiberium. The shorter the way for Your Harvesters, the faster You get money. Don't use Your Airstrip or Weapons Factory to build Harvesters. A complete Refinery gives You a new Harvester and doesn't cost much more. You should build war units instead of Harvesters. Don't occupy Your Airstrip / Weapons Factory with Harvester-building.
  • Scout: You must scout Your enemy's base at all costs. If one unit (Humm-Vee or whatever) isn't enough to break into Your foe's base, just use more units. Tanks can squish blocking infantry and move in. If Your opponent blocks the entry with tanks, then use Orcas to destroy them and move another unit in. You could deploy some infantry with a Chinook Helicopter and let them scout for You. You should be able to see enough to land the Chinook beyond the montains. If not use another unit to the montains and You will see a little bit beyond. If You cannot see Your foe's base, You don't know what he plans and does and he will surprise You. If You can see him, You can attack him. You cannot attack what You cannot see! You should scout the whole map, if necessary with Minigunners.
  • Double buildings: If You build 2 Barracks / Hands Of NOD You can build infantry at double speed. If You build 3, You can build infantry at 3 times the normal speed. By building more Airstrips / Weapons Factories You increase Your vehicle building speed the same way. If You're NOD placing the Airstrip at the east of the map reduces the fly in delay of the transporting plane. If You build more Heli Pads, then You can build Chinook Transport Helicopters and Orcas / Apaches at a higher speed too.
  • Without enough power, You cannot build anything. You should have always an extra Power Plant, so Your enemy cannot turn Your power off fast.
  • Attacking: Attack from as many directions as possible. If You come from all directions, Your opponent has a hard time to defend and Your units don't hurt each other. This is an old tip from one of the greatest ever: Rquiem.
  • Read the following chapters:
    • short cuts: learn how to control everything effectively
    • infantry: learn what every soldier can do and how to counter it
    • structures: learn what every building can do and how to counter it
    • vehicles: learn what every vehicle can do and how to counter it
    • tactics: read the hints of the best players around the world, collected since C&C was born
    • cheats: some players will try to fool You, read what You can do to counter it
  • The best tactic? Depends on what Your opponent does. Build what uses his weaknesses and counters his units best. To be able to do this You must read the links I listed in the point above.

The most important point is: You found this site! To my best knowledge there is no other C&C site that gives You more or better informations about this game. Read as much as You can here and practice a lot. You will find that there will be always something new to improve Your skills.

This site will help You further on, it is updated since years and this won't change any time soon.

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