mixed 2

01/03/99: tactic from LilMoosh
This tactic Is very easy to pull of and it has a nice payload to it!

This is a form of the mixed unit strike! Ok what You do is You're constantly making Recons until Your second strip is up, then don't stop making Light Tanks. By now if You have around 10 Recons and 15-20 Lights, make about 5 Buggies. Then with Your helis make 2 Transports and load one with 2 Engineers the other will decoy. Then pick a weak spot in the base and attack!!! Then while he's too busy dealing with You, go in with Your Transports and take his CY and Air (GDI opponents: take Weapons Factory). By now he's all Yours. If You got through his forces (which you probably almost always will!) Mop up his base and the Games is Yours!

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