mammoth tank rush

06/12/98: tactic from MacNODMan
I developed almost an impossible to beat strategy for GDI:

First of all, be sure to be on an open map, because Mammoths are very slow and going through rough terrain will be bad for them, because they are vunerable to attack from nasty Recon Bikes. This strategy works against any player.


Build another Refinery (if You can afford one) later if You need funds to come in faster.

Once You get Your Factory running build 5 Hummers. By the end of their entire construction Your Repair Pad will be ready, place it, then sell it right off. Now You have the ability to build the ultimate weapon of GDI, the Mammoth Tank! Mammoths are good against everything:

1. They are real good structure destroyers

2. They can crush Medium Tanks (Note: Sometimes if You have 20 Mammoths and Your oppenent has 30, do not be fooled by power!! Medium Tanks are faster then Mammoths and will reduce Your strike force to scrap!) NOD's vehicles, ha, what a joke! NOD's vehicles are pathetic against Mammoth Tanks.

3. If You think their heavy shells suck against infantry, think again, sometimes when they rotate in a certain angle they will fire their missles.

4. They are the perfect anti-air units.

Now, back to the game, now that You can build Mammoths, build two of them, sell off Your Construction Yard and build a Mammoth Tank and another Factory (MacMark: Oops! Without the CY?) at the same time. Once You have two, group Your Hummers and the Mammoths together and make a convoy, make sure the Mammoths are in front. While the Mammoths start eating up whatever structures the enemy has, use the Hummers to Your advantage and kill off any pesky infantry. Don't underestimate Your enemy, if he has more firepower than two Mammoths, build more! If You run out of money again sell off one of Your Refineries. Keep sending them Mammothes over until the enemy is destroyed.

This only works with 0 units: If You build up two to four Mammoth Tanks fast, the enemy usually doesn't have a chance! While the Mammoths are fighting the enemy rush in an APC and take over buildings.

MacMark: The 5 Humm-Vees are a good protection versus an Engineer coming out of an APC.

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