MadKiwi's Green Acres Strat

23 May 2000: tactic from Evenflow2
First off basic tips, at the start of the game group your buggy group 1 and your tanks and mini gunner and/or bazooka, group 2, scout with your buggy as soon as possible heres where to scout from the positions. The pictures by each tactic. Also the building order pictures.

First off ill start from Top Left and work my way around.

Top Left.

Deploy straight away then put a power down then a refinery and another refinery then a hand, while building the hand get your second harvester to get the lil bit of tiberium because that will be in the way of where your air goes, once your hand is down get the air build ASAP, build 7 minis out of your hand and keep them by your tanks at all times. Scouting this whole time, and only from experience will you learn what to do when they are in the different positions around the map, if they are further enough away once your air is down sell your hand, build another below your air then a power then another ref by the middle tiberium, build buggies the whole time unless they are tank rushing as nod or they are GDI, build around 5-6 recons against GDI. Expand to other tiberium and use turrets to defend it if they are expanding as well.

Top Middle.

Move down to the bottle neck power, refinery right beside the tiberium and a hand below that then build your air, again build your 7 minigunners to put by your tanks if they are top right its very simple turret rush around the bottom of the tib after your air is down and you put another refinery below that, you always need at least 2 refinerys to turret rush if they are close, but if they are somewhere else not close, build a power (sell your hand now), another hand to the left and a refinery. If they are bottom left in this and are any good they will either build out of there OR move straight up above that tiberium, your goal is to catch them off guard and build faster then them because they will have southern advantage with the turrets. you can keep building to the right of the map therefore coming around below the middle tiberium trying to steal southern advantage from them.

Top Right.

Move down to the left only a little bit build a power, refinery then a hand down to the bottom left of the refinery and a refinery to the top left of the hand and then build your air south west of your hand, (building 7 minis again) sell your hand now and put another hand below the air, now if they are bottom left or bottom middle just turret rush if they are top middle put a power below your hand and another refinery, then expand to the left and turret rush them because if they are any good they will build turrets beside your left tiberium and kill off your harvs so your goal is to kill them fast.

* Important that you scout fast to the middle because if they are there your going to have to just hand and turret rush fast.

Middle Right.

Very Simple from here you should win quite easierly except if they are bottom middle basically deploy ASAP, power down to the bottom left, refinery to the bottom left of that and then another refinery to the left of that, then a hand with 7minis or a few flamers if they are bottom middle, build an air to the left of your hand unless they are bottom middle you can still build one insted of the turret rush i normally put it above the CY, and turret rush. But if they are further away just put your air to the left of your hand and expand up (sell your hand) put it again to the top left of the airstrip, and expand to the middle put a refinery down by that tiberium.

*Important that you scout fast to the bottom middle if your going to do a hand/turret rush if they are there.


You win. First of scout to the top right fast because you may have to turret/hand rush if they are there. Basically from this postion i deploy power down from CY and refinery by bottom right tiberium you can move a little left and build your ref by the middle tiberium your pick. build a hand now then an airstrip, just basically expand around to the tiberium that they dont have already and do it fast and you will win.

*Important that yo uscout fast to the top right then bottom right.

Bottom right.

This is basically taken from Oompah's Green Acres Strat, Deploy straight away power straight up then a hand above that a refinery and baby sit your harvester to get the 3 bits of tiberium so you can place another refinery straight above your refinery then an air to the left of that refinery, by the air put a power (sell your hand now), put it above the power, sell your power just above your ref now and put another one above the hand this all might seem stupid but it all works out, now expand to the tiberium at the top or in the middle if they havent taken that over. IF they are top right dont worry about your air just hand rush up there a few turrets and flamers will win you the game with the southern advantage.

Bottom middle.

Not the most brilliant of places move your CY up one square deploy power above and a bit to the right, refinery by the tiberium in the bottom middle, now put a hand above your power, airstrip above and to the right of your hand another refinery by the tiberium there, power to the left of your air and then a silo refinery by the bottom left tiberium. Sell your hand now and put it on the side of the map they are on. IF they are middle right or bottom left what to do? turret rush of cause but still get your air down for middle right depends what they do if they are bottom left, just learn from experience for that one it changes all the time.

Bottom left

Well now you should be getting to grips with things. Move a little bit to the top right then power above your CY but not to get in the way of where the refinerys will go, i started using two refinerys here but you can use one if you want, anyway i put refinery above the power and then another refinery to the right of that, now put a hand to the right of the second refinery 7 minis should do the trick again. Note with your second refinery get your harvester to get that little bit of tiberium at the far end of that patch, now if they arent bottom middle place an airstrip to the right of your hand, expand up to the middle tiberium and put a refinery there, then basically build out to them and turret rush whatelse.

You might ask why minigunners are so good but if you have good enough unit control to keep them away from flamers, Unless your close to them you build minis 7-10 at the start if your close build flamers.

Also why do i sell the first hand? Because then you can get minigunners and buggies in the same menu.

Another tip is if you get your airstrip faster then them build a lighttank first then you will have an slight advantage in battle.

Thats all for now tell me if theres any mistakes i have overlooked and ill changed them accordingly :)


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