knock out

05/12/98: tactic from MacNODMan
Here is a a strategy I devised for GDI vs. GDI games: When You're playing GDI vs. GDI, and Your opponent has little to no anti air units, and if You have the Ion Cannon, and it's ready to fire, then the plan will work:

Build 4 Orcas, and send them over to destroy the Construction Yard. Destroy the Weapons Factory, if he has two of them, then just destroy it with 5 Orcas. Now he's totally screwed, he can't rebuild his Mobile Construction Vehicle, and has lost the ability to build vehicles! It always works for me!

MacMark: Versus a good opponent the Ion Cannon and Orcas may be usefull only on closed maps like Tiberium Garden. On open maps like Nowhere To Hide they're usually a waste of money, as is the Temple of NOD.

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