humm-vee gangs

05/26/98: tactic from MacNODMan
Heres a cool strategy I devised:

Side: GDI

Do You always get pissed when NOD sends out their armies of Recon Bikes? I've developed a counter-strategy that is cheap and efficient. This works against NOD players only, because GDI has big tanks that can really make Humm-Vees disappear.


Then start building Humm-Vees non-stop! After You've ammassed a 25-30 strike force with Your hummers, start building 5 Medium Tanks. Now the rest is simple, build an 1 APC with 1 Engineer. Now just drive the strike force to attack the enemy. While the enemy is busy fighting off the Hummers and tanks, drive the APC with the Engineer right in and capture his CY. The Hummers are better than Bikes, for 3 reasons:

1. They can kill off infantry easily, which is a big nuisance to Bikes.

2. They can do significant damage in groups to structures.

3. NOD has no real heavy tanks like GDI, so even groups of Hummers can take out Light Tanks. But You should avoid Flame Tanks at all costs.

MacMark: Your oppenent could build lots of Recon Bikes and eat all Your Hummers up!


05/28/98: tactic from WolfCry

For NOD to counter that Humm-Vee attack is very simple: Make Your normal building order but make Light Tanks and Flamethrower Infantry / Rocket Soldiers. When the Humm-Vees attack they have to decide to take out the tanks or the guys and which ever they attack the other will destroy them. And if they make Grenadiers use Flamers and attack the guys with them and the Humm-Vee with the tanks.

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