humm-vee rush

13 September 2000: tactic from iOniK
Hey, I play under iOniK 4 c&c 95 and i found a cool little strat that can be fun to do. Im not sure if your already have this but here it goes. It's actually a humm-vee rush. You build

sell CY.

When You get the barracks in, pump of some grenadiers for early defense or a quick rush. When the weapons come in just pump of humm-vees. and use them to take out criticle structures. NOTE: this strat doesnt realy work on the more experienced players. It's for a fun strat to beat on newbies.

update on [16 September 2000] from Blak:

I saw the latest tactic you published... the hummer rush. I have a few comments about it. First off, against NOD, it is not at all a bad tactic. Infact it is very good gdi vs nod. GDI should build just hummers until they get their second weapons factory, then they can do tanks. The hummers keep the bikes that NOD will have early at bay, mixed with grenadiers you should be able to out produce the NOD bikes. That will save you from the early rush. Then just build up on tanks, park them in tiberium or something to guard that. In the long game GDI should always win. That is the point, force NOD into a long game. Where GDI builds up. In my opinion GDI can beat NOD. The best GDi player could beat the best NOD player. GDI is stronger, if you know how to use it. You CANNOT let NOD rush with those bikes early, or harvy hunt on you. You must prevent that, if you can, then you win.


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