head to head

03 Mar 1999: tactic from ACnDC
  • Turret vs Advanced Guard Tower: Turret wins easy.
  • Turrest vs 4 Flamethrower Infantry : Turret wins easy and won't get scratch if You repair.
  • Turret vs 4 Humm Vees or Buggies: Turret wins. Once You kill the first Humm Vee You can't even hurt the Turret if You're able to repair.
  • Turret vs Mammoth: Mammoth Tank barely wins this battle losing almost all its health.
  • Flamethrower Infantry vs Grenadiers: Flamers win. In fact if it comes down to You building Famers vs Grenadiers You'll will almost everytime win unless the guy's a master of unit control.
    MacMark: I think if You spread Your Grenadiers You will stand the Flamers.
  • APC vs 2 Humm Vees or 3 Buggies: Even battle. Depends who gets the first shot off.
  • Mobile Artillery vs Mobile Rocket Launch System: Artillery wins with quicker reload.
  • Chemical Warrior vs Humm Vee: Standing still chemo warrior wins. These chemos are tough as nails most for infantry even more then Commandos.
    MacMark: Tougher than Commandos?
  • Recon Bike vs. Light Tank: Standing still the Light Tank wins but if You have any unit control skills You easly beat the Light Tank.
  • Flame Tank vs 4 Buggies: Flame Tank wins. In fact if You have two Fame Tanks You can take out possibly 10 Buggies.
  • other facts: 10 Apaches can't take 1 Airstrip out if You can repair it. Another interesting thing is You can win a game by resigning. I was playing a game against a friend. It came down we only had 1 Harvester each. I had a Stealth Tank. So I wanted to try something. He was stopped. I got right next to him hit resign and blew up his unit and got the win because he died first.
    MacMark: Yes. That works. Harvesters and Technicans (!) cause great damage if You surrender. Good in 4 player games too.

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