12/08/98: tactic from MacMark
Did You ever use Your helis as a wall?

It's appropiate on maps with small gaps.

Imagine this: Your opponent fills his APC with 2 Engineers and heads towards Your base. Suddenly one of Your helis lands on the gap and closes it. A few seconds later another 1 or 2 helis open fire on the APC. In the meantime Your backup forces show up and finish the APC and the Enigneers off.

If there're more gaps to close remember this: The APC can only use 1 at a time. Helis are faster then APCs. If the APC move to the free gap land the attacking heli there, start the other heli from the old gap and target the APC sitting in front of Your other heli.

The same way You can sometimes prevent Your base from being scouted. Most players don't expect Your helis landing in the front door of Your base e. g. on Tiberium Garden.

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