golden Refinery

08 April 2000: joke from Tygrtank
I got a tactic for You it's very good if used right, heres the build order (also it should be used on a map with lots of Tiberium like Marooned)

After the first Barracks is done build about 10 Grenadiers then when the Weapons Factory is done build some Humm-Vees first in case the other person tries to APC. Then after the 3rd Refinery build tanks and use them to guard the Tiberium and use Minigunners and Grenadiers to guard the entrances to Your base and just build up and You will smash him.

MacMark: I think more than 2 Weapons Factories don't let You build faster than 2 in multi player games. You have no air defense. Your second Barracks comes too late to pump out fast enough Rocket Soldiers. An Apache- or Orca rush would easily end Your game. Your tactic may work on a lower tech level without helis.

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