general strategy

12/17/98: tactic from Klingler
Always keep and eye on Your opponent, this means scouting him/her early in the game. Be sure to reveal all of the area that Your opponent is in and set that point using Ctrl+F9-12. This will be very important. If Your opponent has 2 War Factories/Airstrips, then You build 3. If they have 3 Refineries You build 5. Control is the main idea of the game, if You can produce more than Your opponent and know what they are doing while keeping Your own base unseen, most of the time (unless playing with crates, most people get a reveal-all-crate if they havn't found You after a good amount of time) You should be triumphent. Just remember the following:
  • Have at least two more Harvesters.
  • Have at least one more Refinery.
  • Have at least 1 more War Factory/Airstrip.
  • Infantry don't suck.
  • Infantry are very powerful in mixed groups (2 Minigunners, 2 Grenadiers(1 Flame Thrower), and around 3 rocket guys can handle most, not all, but most small problems.
  • Always keep a close eye on both Your opponent's base and Your Harvesters.
  • Don't be afraid to be called a cheater for attacking Harvesters, all is fair in war.
  • Never give up.
  • if You have no way of winning sell all of Your buildings, and produce lots of infantry, and attack. You might be surprised with the final outcome.
  • Look through Westwood's rules and learn them well, some small things include:
    • If Your opponent tries an early rush within 3 minutes You may disconnect and nothing will happen. MacMark: Disconnecting is for girls. Surrender instead of that!
    • If someone disconnects, the person who was better off will get the win (if someone is running around with one stealth and You still have a good sized base You can disconnect and still win).
    • If You have a red face You cannot win prizes. Well, thats pretty much it, learn this general stuff and You should do a lot better.

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