GDI building order II

06/14/98: tactic from MacNODMan
When I play GDI and You don't want to do cheap medium tank rushes or heli rushes build:

If You're playing on a closed map, build a spider base, for every two buildings You place build a Barracks next to one so You are protected from Engineer attacks. Build closer to Your tiberium fields and the money will grow tremendously, this tactic only works on Tiberium infested levels like Tiberium Garden. Build more Weapons Factories and start building a strike force and then You can easily take out Your opponent. This tactic only works with very defensive players. This strategy will backfire if Your opponent is offensive, also all the Barracks You've built will protect You from most attacks, when the enemy comes keep pumping out infantry and the enemy strike force will not be able to handle it!

MacMark: I like those many Barracks in Your spider base! Good idea.

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