fun tactics

11 Feb 99: tactic from ACnDC

AC gambit 1

If You see a crate at start, don't pick it up. Open Your MCV and build one Sand Bag. Then sell Your CY. Pick the crate up which will be a MCV then open up and build a Power Plant, put it where the Sand Bag is. Now You can build at 2 spots, which gives You a great advantage plus You get 2500 and men too. You can sell the Sand Bag so he won't even know how You did the trick.

AC gambit 2

If You're ever lucky enough to get a MCV at start from a crate don't open it. Just build Your Refinery and Power Plants and the a Communications Center. Here's the fun part: If he cannot see Your base (even if he can) build Your Obelisk now. Start moving Your MCV You found to his base with some troops to protect and if he has not seen Your base act stupid saying "what is this big truck for?" He will think You're a newbie and think it's Your MCV You started with. Then when You get as close as You can to his base, open up and put Your Obelisk down. He will shit himself. The Obelisk and Your troops should take him out. Just make sure You have enough Power Plants or 3 or sell the Communications Center.

Add on (17 Feb 99 from CmdrCD)

You get only in 80% of all cases a new MCV when You have no other building and at least $ 2300. (Consult the readme.txt and the cncfaq as well for that topic.) So it might turn into a bad surprise for You after You sold Your CY at the beginning and don't find a new one.

AC gambit 3 "Harvester rush" (21 Feb from ACnDC)

This is for Tiberium Garden if You ever go in someone's room with 0-1 start units. With these settings You can't scout and see their base and so they can rush You. They build Minigun Infantry and Grenadiers at the beginning. So no way to scout and see their base is there? This is where the almighty Harvester comes in with armor like a Mammoth. First build Power Plant, Refinery, sell Refinery and build another Refinery. Your first Harvester is the scout. You go to his base. Run over all the infantry in You way. You will lose $ 1000 but You can run a 1000 worth infantry over. This will completely frazzle him if they go for a straight rush. You just put Your Harvester in front of their Refinery and stop their money flow. While You've seen their whole base they won't see Yours because even if You didn't built a Barracks You get 3 men from the Refinery You sold to stop their scouts. While he's trying to kill Your Harvester, You pump Your units out. He will be off his game plan and should be an easy win for You.

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