Force Sell

31 May 2000, tactic from MacMark
This is another hint for successfully using the Engineer.

What for is an Engineer? For taking over hostile buildings? Most of the time, right. Is this all? No. What about motivating Your opponent to renounce the buildings You dislike him owning?

I played a match GDI versus NOD. He sold his Construction Yard, I sold mine too to keep up with him. I owned beside other structures a Weapons Factory, 3 Barracks and a Chinook Transport Helicopter loaded with 2 Engineers. He owned an Airstrip and a Hand Of NOD. My Medium Tanks engaged his Recon Bikes, NOD Buggies and NOD Tanks. He concetrated most of his vehicles into this battle and lost all. In his base remained some vehicles. This way I managed to land the Chinook in his base and to unload the Engineers next to his Airstrip and his only Hand Of NOD. He was forced to sell his Airstrip because my Engineer was about to get it. The other Engineer headed the same time towards his Hand Of NOD and got it. He couldn't build any new structures, no vehicles and no more infantry. I was able to build helis, vehicles and infantry. He surrendered.

Remember: If he is forced to sell the building to prevent You from taking it over he loses it. That gives him at least a time delay until he rebuild it. And he cannot build another structure during that time. It's often easier to "destroy" an enemy building by an Engineer attack than getting it with fire power. Be smart! Use Your 1-man-army!

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