engineer / dead bang

12/17/98: tactic from Klingler

For NOD replace the Barracks and the Weapons Factory with the Hand of NOD and the Airstrip.

The general idea goes as follows

When the Hand of NOD/Barracks is complete, start building 2 Minigunners (1 Grenadier/Rocket Soldier if GDI), and 2 Engineers and group select as any # You want. While doing all of that be sure to be building the buildings in the listed order. Once the first War Factory/Airstrip is finished begin building an APC and once that is done load the finished men into it and use it as a scouting unit and when You find the base send it to the Construction Yard and deploy the men press the group # you used and send them all into the Construction Yard. In the mean time while all of this is going on build Tanks (don't forget the buildings either). Now that You've gotten them shaken up a bit send 5-7 tanks over and attack Harvesters or their base, which ever is least defended. If You keep building tanks you really can't lose at this point if You have done everything correctly. In order for this to work, You must be doing many things at once, so it is hard to get used to but once You get the hang of it, You will find it very hard to lose. This is a good strategy because of the Barracks, they give You good and fast defense against quick bike attackers and Apaches. Since I started using this to perfection I hadn't lost any games. (Note: The structure order may not be exactly right, it's been about 3 months since I have been on, so experiment with this set up.)

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