early chinook

22 March 2000: tactic from Blak519
Hey mac :)... I was recently browsing through your tactics and noticed you did not have anything similar to this... so here it is. :-)

Build Order:

Start building your chinook after the first Helicopter Pad is placed. (Build an Airstrip if the game lasts that long.)

What to do:

Scout your opponent as fast as you can, and try to keep him from scouting you. If you can do these two things you have a guarenteed victory (as long as you do not mess up horribly). On the other hand, if your opponent does scout you, remember what parts of his base he has seen, and DO NOT place your heli pads there. The more suprized he is the better. Anyway, as soon as your second helicopter is ready, go after your opponents power plant (he will only have one). The two helicopters are guarenteed to kill it, as long as one does not get shot down. When your chinook is 3/4th of the way done, start building your engineer, try not to build him prematurly, because that only risks him dieing before he gets in the chinook. Rush with your starting units, and when the battle is taking place, try to capture your opponents construction yard. If you succeed you have won the game, for he has no construction yard, or power. If you cannot capture it however, do not be stupid and let your chinook and engineer die. Go after his refinery when there is a harvester in it instead. If you have to wait for the harvester to get in there, just circle around his construction yard for a bit. (Be sure to hot key the chinook and your 2 helis!!!!). If you take your opponents cy (construction yard) or refinery, it is almost a guarenteed win for you. If however, you need a little extra help, place that airstrip you built right after your refinery, sell your construction yard, and pump out whatever you need to finish him off.

Tips for the tactic:

This tactic is all about speed and smarts, smarts as in not letting your opponent see those heli's before they are at his power plant, and by not losing your chinook and engineer. If you are fast as possible, and your opponent is too, your chinook can be done, and at his cy, before he gets his airstrip (possibly before he has a refinery if you get his power fast). This tactic may seem simple, but is actually rather tough to master, and if you master it, it is impossible to stop unless your opponent knows before the game that you are going to use it.

Have fun! :-)

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