early APC

tactic from MacMark
Abstract: 1 GDI- versus 1 NOD (or GDI) -player. 0 start units. GDI invades the NOD base with an APC and 2 Engineers in the beginning.

building order

Don't place the Guard Tower.

main idea

The key to this tactic is that You capture an enemy building before NOD has too much Recon Bikes. Those bikes would stop Your APC. Therefore the building order is as effective as possible.

what to do

As soon as You got the Barracks build about 12 Grenadiers, then 2 Engineers. Send the first 4 Grenadiers to the corners of the map and find the enemy base. Scout that base then with all 4. If NOD has no Hand Of NOD, let Your Grenadiers destroy the Construction Yard or so. Use the other Grenadiers to kill any enemy scouts searching for Your base.

As soon as You got the Weapons Factory build an APC. Load it with Your 2 Engineers and drive into the NOD base. Squish some infantry if necessary before You unload the Engineers. Capture a Refinery with an unloading Harvester in. Such a Refinery cannot be sold and You get all the money! Place the prebuild Guard Tower or a Barracks beside it. Capture with the second Engineer what You like. Build further Guard Towers versus enemy infantry or Barracks and Grenadiers versus light units or Rocket Soldiers versus tanks. Sell the Refinery in the enemy base so Your new Harvesters drives into Your base.


If You see Your opponent is going to engineer You too: Place the prebuild Guard Tower into Your own base and prebuild another one. Maybe You have time for a second Guard Tower in Your base. You should build after the APC some Humm-Vees to kill enemy Engineers if necessary. Because they can fast join the party in the enemy base, they're no waste of money.

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