dirty neighbor

25 Jan 2000: tactic from MacMark
I extended a strategy someone tried on me. The basic idea is that You move all Your start units right beside the enemy base. Usually Your opponent didn't built much early defense. If You get lucky he first built a Refinery and no Barracks or Hand of NOD. You deploy Your Mobile Construction Vehicle and build a Power Plant and at least 2 Barracks or Hands of NOD. Get some infantry to attack the enemy base. Try to engineer the Refinery while the Harvester is unloading. He cannot sell it and You get the Harvester too! Build Guard Towers or Apache Attack Helicopters for dealing with hostile infantry. Get some Orcas or NOD Turrets to destroy structures and armored units.

Usually You don't build any Refinery or Weapons Factory or Airstrip. This tactic works fine on small maps and needs all start money You can get. I recommend a maximum of 5 start units and prefer 3.

I made screen shots of such a game. This is the beginning and this is the end. This tactic is quite risky. If Your opponent built some infantry at start You will be history. But it's a great strategy if You expect Your opponent with "his pants down".

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