decoy duck

27 July 1999: tactic from MacMark
If You own several helis You can try to fool Surface to Air Missile (SAM) Sites and Advanced Guard Towers. These anti-air-structures target always the first aircraft that comes into their range. But they miss this helicopter if it pass them not too near. You can fly big circles around anti air buildings and get no hit.

What's that good for? You can bring in the rest of Your helis and no anti air building will target them until Your decoy duck is shot down. But while they miss the decoy duck You can do what You want. You can even land a loaded Chinook transport helicopter to engineer the enemy base without trouble. Okay, there may be some ground units waiting for You. But most of the players think some SAM Sites / Advanced Guard Towers protect them from a loaded Chinook. Big mistake.

The other thing You can do is taking out some of his units (Engineers...) or structures without being shot down. Just try to use a well controlled decoy duck.

If You have a do-or-die-mission direct Your helis to kill some of the ground units and bring in the Chinook after the anti air structures began to fire at Your decoy ducks. So Your Chinook gets no hit and the ground units are gone too. That should increase Your chances to engineer successfully. Downside: You sacrifice Your decoy ducks.

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