death from the air

08/12/98: tactic from MrKane847
When playing those long, tiring games that are loads of fun, I like annoying my enemy with Chinooks and other air strategies. When You use Your Transport to Engineer enemy buildings, not only do You get the enemy furious, but You can sell the structure and use the infantry You get from it to destroy close buildings.

the scoop on transport chinooks


  • If You hear the voice of the Commando, don't be an idiot! Chances are a Chinook is coming, so get ready for it.
  • For GDI, put Advanced Guard Towers around the sides of Your base, along with a Guard Tower. Because Guard Towers don't require any power, if Your Advanced Guard Towers go offline, You won't be in deep sludge.
  • For NOD, a flame tank and maybe a rocket launcher around the sides of Your base will do. Keep them a square away from each other to avoid ion cannon troubles.
  • For NOD, in a closed map, use sandbags to put SAM sites away from Your structures - this will destroy the Chinook before it even lands.
  • If Your enemy has build a single helipad, chances are they're also building a Chinook. You never know when an Engineer is coming, so put a Humm-Vee/NOD Buggy around the sides of Your base.
  • If You see that Your enemy is preparing a Chinook, watch it carefully. The radar screen can not detect aerial units, so be prepared.
  • For GDI, put a guard tower (advanced or normal) in the center of Your base, because the Chinook can and will get by.


  • For the Tiberium Garden map. Scout out the sides of the enemy's base, with the tiberium. Because the aerial units can only travel to explored areas of the map, make sure You get close to the side, enough so that You can get a Chinook in there. Don't be stupid - fill it with Minigunners, not Engineers and Commandos. Do that later, because if You lose the Chinook You won't lose major credits. This is also very effective for scouting.
  • I've gotten Chinooks in under the most defended bases. If You need to, make another Chinook as a diversion. Send the first Chinook (without the units) in and this will distract the SAM Sites/Guard Towers as You bring the loaded Chinook in.
  • Never send a Chinook in when an SSM is close. The Transport will nearly die an instant death, and so will Your infantry. Remember that the SSM has what is called "extreme" range, so be very careful.
  • Most infantry can however outrun the SSM's Honest John missiles, so it will probably work if You get the Transport in and move the infantry instead of the entire Chinook.
  • Don't be afraid of a single Obelisk. They suck against infantry.
  • Your enemy may think they are real crafty by putting up an Advanced Guard Tower to halt Your Transport Chinook, but sometimes You can manage to get out of range of the guard tower and get in the base.
  • A 4 SAM site missiles (the SAM site fires 2 missiles before reloading) will take Your Chinook out.
  • Advanced Guard Towers will damage Your Chinook, but if there is only one guard tower You should be okay - just don't land right next to it.
  • Full Transport Chinooks are great targets for the ion cannon. Especially if Your enemy has filled it with Commandos!
  • scouting with aerial units

    • Having trouble scouting? If Your enemy has any aerial defense, this method will always work. Build an Orca/Apache (not a helipad, You don't need to reload ammo) and click on the closest explored area of Your enemy's base. Continue doing this until Your unit is destroyed. As You progress, Your enemy's aerial defense will fire, and therefore expose part of the base!
    • In a closed map, fill a Chinook with Minigunners, land in the enemy base, and scout.

    I use these strategies all the time, and they all work very well. If You remember anything from these strategies, remember this - Never underestimate a Transport Chinook! I learned that the hard way, quite a few times.

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