construction yards

12/17/98: tactic from Klingler
The GDI and NOD Construction Yards have the same defense. The thing is, the armor is anti-tank/explosive heavy armor. Orcas have 5 shots and Apaches have a sh*t load of ammo. The Apaches can only destroy the CY because of all the ammo they carry, if Orcas had that much ammo, I think they would be banned or removed from the multi player games. The War Factories have light armor (a well known fact) and the Airstrips have medium armor with about the same hit points as the CY. That is my explanation, I could be wrong, but when I played GDI versus GDI it still took 6 Orcas, and in NOD vs. NOD it took 3 Apaches. So that is why I believe they have the same defense and hit points.

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