early air APC

05 Apr 1999: tactic from Skylord
This strategy is for GDI only.  This is one of my favorite strategies and for a new player it's impossible to stop, and for an experienced player it is damn near impossible to stop.  Settings are: Tiberium Garden, unit count 6 tech doesn't matter. 

As soon as one Barracks is up make an Engineer load it in your APC. While You're building Your Refinery and helis pump out about 10-15 Grenadiers then once You've got them team your helis and take out your opponent's Mobile Rocket Launch System or Mobile Artillery so You can get Your Grenadiers in.  Use Your own start units to take out his remaining ones.

Do this quickly before he sees what's coming and gets an Airfield or Weapons Factory up!

After start units are gone take the Construction Yard with your Engineer, then use Your choppers to take out any remaining offensive structures.  Then you win !

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