tactic from MacMark
Your fire-power is a function dependent from Your building-strategy and time. Attack Your opponent if Your fire-power is greater than his.

Assume You've 5 Refineries Your opponent has 1. You will get stronger with time. Your opponent can spend his start-money in weapons and attack You before You get stronger. You spent Your start-$s in Refineries. So You wait for $ coming in again. If Your opponent waits to attack You his chances shrink with every minute because You earn faster $ than him.

A good example for timing-need is "Dead Bang!". If You wait here 10 minutes longer than suggested it's out and over for You.

A ground-rule is: If Your opponent has more Refineries/Harvesters than You then time is on his side. I suggest a 2:1 ratio of Harvesters:Refineries. Every Refinery should be working and no Harvester should be waiting all the time. Don't build Harvesters! Build Refineries and sell them. It's much faster. Do this, if no $s are in Your Refineries. Otherwise You lose that money. You can turn Refinery-load into $s by building expensive things and stop the process before it ends. You'll get the money back, not the Tiberium. That's why Silos are not always necessary.

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