spreading havoc

2001-10-02: tactic from Havoc091
Here's a ok but good tactic. In tiberium garden, in the right rop hand corner there is like a small hole, you can fill that up with concrete walls and put your most important things in there like your construction yard, helis, power plants, communications etc. Make sure you do this in the beginning so there's no way your opponent can see your base, then build down the path, continue on. If you want some insurance put tanks or men in there just in case they break thorough.

Counter: Take like ten stealth tanks and destroy the wall and start scouting but be careful what's on the other side, or nuke or ion the wall .

Second Tactic: If you build like 20 - 30 artillery you can destroy anything!!!! I usually win with this tactic. Take all your artillery and destroy his obelisks / guard towers and slowly destroy all of there buildings and men, make sure all your guys attack at once for best results. If the person has like mammoths and like 30 obelisks, build up to 40-50 .

Counter: Use a nuke and nuke the center of the artillery, no matter how many there are as long as if they're together there will only be like 4-5 left.

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