splitted attack

09/13/98: tactic from Y1kill
This is an advanced killer GDI tactic that works well (not for newbie players).

When You have Your Barracks up make 15 Mini Gunners 5 Bazookas (more Bazookas if helis appear) and 5 Grenadiers. Get 10 of Your Gunners and Your Grenadiers and split them up in 3 groups, now send all the groups into there base but into different parts, attacking Power Plants. Then use Your normal tank rush. This works extremely well if You have practiced it. The trick is to get the Your opponent's main force to go after one squad of guys while Your others raise hell in their base. Also this can be used on most game settings, so whether You start with 5 or 0 guys it should work well (will not work with starting 12 guys, starting with 12 guys is lame any ways so it shouldn't be a problem).

MacMark: This is a really advanced, good tactic. Depending on the amount of starting money I would build a 2nd Refinery.

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