selling tricks

hints from MacMark
Usually You cannot sell infantry or vehicles. But there's a way:
  • infantry: Move it close to a Sand Bag, a Chain Link Barrier or a Concrete Wall. Click the "sell" button and move the sell cursor over the structure. Then move the sell cursor towards the infantry and click. The infantry gets sold.
  • vehicles: Do the same as described for infantry above.
    If You own a Repair Facility, You have a 2nd option: Move the vehicle onto the Repair Facility click the "sell" button, move the yellow $ sell cursor over the vehicle and sell it, when the $ cursor turns green.

You should sell units, which are nearly completely damaged and cannot be repaired (maybe because Your base is under attack).

[20 September 2000]
Update: Fully Loaded Harvester from AcerNod

Well, Just like a fully Loaded Luxury car, A fully loaded harvester is worth more. If you use the "selling tricks" cheat, you can sell your harvester and get $700(empty) for it, but if you opponent has taken out your refineries and your a few dollars short on building another one, don't sell that harvester until you load it up with Tiberuim, a fully loaded harvester sells for $875. Now the harvester will sell for different prices depending on how much Tiberuim you have in it, but if it is fully loaded it sells for $875. Excludes tax, title, and license.

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