The No.1 rule for winning.
  • Scout Your opponent's base! At nearly all costs! If You can't see what he's building/selling there will be lots of surprises coming towards You. Expect helis and/or Engineers, build Rocket Soldiers and Guard Towers.
  • Don't let Your opponent into Your base. He has then a major disadvantage.

Additional info (without a nick): Try Your best not to let Your enemy see Your base, it is wise to fill the entrance and make a small hole for units and Harvesters. if You're oppenet is NOD, keep a couple infantry at the entrance as well, so Stealths Tanks are not free to roam Your base unwantedly. Using Mammoth Tanks is a good way to fill the entrance. The reason You shouldn't let them see Your base is that it renders You vulnerable to:

  • Helicopters
  • Nukes
  • Ions
  • and Airstrikes

It also lets You have the advantadge of Your enemy not knowing what You are making/doing.

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