NOD building order II

01/17/99: tactic from MacMark
I found out that having 1 or 2 Apaches early in the game is important. You can take out Harvesters, buildings, infantry, NOD Buggies and the Mobile Artillery and make Your opponent build SAM sites and Rocket Soldiers.

The advantage is that Helipads and Refineries have a short building time. If You opponent has an early Airstrip don't worry. Build some infantry and maybe a turret for demolishing an incoming APC. If Your opponent don't build much anti-air units cancel Your 3rd Refinery and Your Airstrip and heli rush him with 4 Apaches or more.

Case Your opponent has no helis You can use Your infantry versus his Recon Bikes giving Your bikes an advantage by killing enemy infantry and Buggies with Your Apaches.

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