NOD building order I

tactic from MacMark
I'm usually a GDI guy, but if I play NOD I build like this:

Build immediately 4 Minigunners and send each to one corner of the map for scouting.

If I play NOD versus GDI and GDI has no solid anti air defense I usually kill them with some Apaches. NOD is a guerrilla force. It doesn't have the fire power of the GDI, but it's faster in moving around. Attack single units with packs and run away. The main target NOD versus GDI is: Don't let GDI build up her base. Especially try to destroy the Weapons Factory, all Power Plants or the Construction Yard.

I suggest Recon Bikes as anti air defense. They're mobile and can protect Harvesters in Tiberium fields.

If I play NOD versus NOD, I use Recon Bikes versus Light Tanks, Light Tanks versus Flame Tanks, Flame Tanks versus Recon Bikes. Flamethrower Infantry does a great job versus Recon Bikes too.

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