impenetrable base

09/20/98: tactic from MacNODMan
Here is a very fun NOD strategy I devised, there are similar strategies, I just revised them to make them better. Units must be set at 12. It is impossible to beat this. Unless of course someone stops You early in the beginning period.

First, go to a very closed map with lots of Tiberium. Then deploy Your MCV, and build Hands of NOD to the entrances, build 3 Refineries (doesn't matter which side You put them on) and then build a Concrete Wall behind the Refineries so the rest of the base is totally locked out. Then start building Turrets like mad. Make sure You do not get scouted!! With the Stealths Tanks in the beginning, easily sneak in and scout the area around Your opponent. Start building Turrets like mad at all entrances to Your base, and eventually, if You want, build Obelisks. Build Power Plants inside Your base, not outside of the walls!

Building Obelisks is a must if:

  • The enemy threatens You with infantry.
  • The enemy threatens You with lots of Mammoth Tanks.

Also, You must build SAMs if Your opponent builds helicopters. Build them in Your base too, because he'll maybe send in a transport. If the enemy threatens You with SSMs, build an Airstrip outside of the Concrete Walls (guard it with stuff!) and build a few Light Tanks. And if he backs them up with tanks of his own, build SSMs Yourself! The tanks can't touch You because You'll be under protection of the Obelisks and Turrets.

If the enemy threatens to attack Your Harvesters, just extend Your Turrets to the Tiberium fields. And if You can't do that because then just build some APCs and send over some infantry to guard them. If he uses Recon Bikes, just build a few Flame Tanks. If You need money faster, build more Refineries and extend them toward the fields.

Get fun just sitting back and watch Your opponent frustrate himself! And if he d/c's, report him! He he, its also an excellent strategy to get cheaters. :)

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