general defensive strategies

12/01/97: tactic from Klingler
  • Always spread Your base out as much as possible, place Your buildings off the corners of other buildings if possible, or if needs be use a few sandbags, this is to make Nukes and Air strikes less efficient (keep in mind I'm not saying to spend an extra $500 on sandbags, just use 1 or 2 ).
  • Remember to place defensive structures in and around Your base, this is because in case You are playing with crates Your opponent may pick up a "reveal all" crate or You may have been scouted early in the game but just don't remember or didn't see their scouters.
  • Be sure that You have everything in and around Your base revealed or You might have fatal consequences.
  • Set up defenses for everything!! Even if it doesn't seem Your opponent is going to use a certain tactic, build defenses against it anyway (Better to be safe than sorry!).
  • If You're playing as GDI You may want to place a fair amount of defense around Your Weapons Factory being that it is one of the weakest structures in the game.
  • If You are NOD never leave single units out and around everywhere, always put them in groups of at least 2-3 units, and preferably one of those units should have an anti-air capability.
  • Never leave site of Your base for too long, many things can happen in just a couple of minutes (Use map location hot keys to keep track of both Your base and Your opponent's. Map location hot keys are Ctrl + F9-12. [i.e. Ctrl-F9 at the same time] and then F9-12 to bring up the location You saved).
  • Keep track of Your Harvesters! They seem to like the Tiberium farthest away from Your base and in the enemy's base, even in a game with HT (MacMark: "Harvester Treaty", I don't like it, because war has no rules.) don't leave site of Your Harvesters.
  • Be sure to scout the enemy base as soon as possible, like described in one of MacMark's tactics, You are in shark infested water without any type of weapon or anti shark repellent if You can't see what Your opponent is doing (in simple terms You're screwed).
  • It's highly advisable to have an anti-air unit near everything that You have.
  • It's always a good idea to have a Barracks/Hand Of NOD set up in case Your opponent raids You with infantry, and You don't have the time to wait for an anti-infantry vehicle to be produced.
  • One last thing, kind off the subject, do not ever quit if You have the time to sell all Your buildings and attack with infantry, You would be surprised how many games I won when I had no other option except to quit. Even if You don't have any units left except Harvesters drive them up next to a building then surrender, they can destroy an Advanced Power Plant I know for sure.
  • And for all You cheaters out there here is a cheat code that only works in multi player games and over the Internet type this word then press enter immediately after it "winner". It gives You the win no matter how badly You lost.
    MacMark: This "cheat" looks for me like a nice trap (surrender, he he). In multi play no cheat is possible.

Questions please direct to MacMark cause he is probably better than me, but if You have questions and or comments just for me send them to

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